Saturday, 16 April 2011

We are as the dazed, utterly confused in our madness and incomprehensions of the lord. Mercy is what we ought to seek but we feed for the necessities of consumers sweeties... As I listen to the cars and bustling of bars...I truely wonder. As stewards of the kept earth, we left it in ruins, For our descendants to be kings of the waste land and to fall to filth in. We are like pigs for we slother in our filthy layings and unjusticely scratch each other's backs when we're wrong but to coked up and f****d up to see it. There's hope, we're all near it but... We...just...can't...see it Alas though, for my calling in life is yet to be found and bound to me like a black baby slave in a ship's shackle.

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