Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Abnormality of dwellings.

Abnormality of dwellings

Sunday, August 31, 2008 at 9:47pm
She dwellls all day and or all night long. Everything some how seems to bother her one at a time or all at once.An event, which could potentially need one explanation, can be blesses with 500,000 by her. Whether they are jusitifiable or just plain ridiculous.She needs better friends, a new job and a better life...a new place would also be good.She dwells on things that upset her. She dwells on those little comments but does not what she should at the time of event occurence.She dwells on fools jokes and allows them to affect her. She hates everyone secretly and wants a baseball bat...but wants to use a human head for the batting practise.She dwells on the guy she obsesses over, even though he wants her supposed good friend, she dwells and fanaticaly fantasizes over a relationship because loneliness is eating her soul.She is a confused dweller who dwells on more.........she wants more, makes ways to get it but still feels inadequate. The dweller of the century....the moaner of eternity....the wrongful misery bearer of her youth.The cross bearer for depression,The docile worker,The secreter of deceitfulness.The dwellings of an eternity, for the dwelling dweller.

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