Tuesday, 10 February 2009

The best since.....well like EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Share

The best since.....well like EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Everybody,Today my friend and ex-colleague from Urban outfitters alia took me to me with her to see N*E*R*D live at the Vodafone TBA concert in Brighton. I was told the news and was frankly elated. This was something I so badly needed and it has come at the right time.So much has gone this year from the good to the very very ugly, besides me discovering more about me and everything (people, education...baby you name it...) around me. I'm in a place right now when I'm learning so much,taking so much in and much much much more. Therefore this was DAMN WELL NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thios has turned me around in the sense that it made me so happy, and I will frankly never forget the feeling when I was lifted from the audience and put on THAT stage.People may think that I may be over reacting or a bit crazy but this saved the day and gave me a flash of lightening that I haven't had in years.I'm not saying this is the solution to my problems but it was the drink; the way people release anger or frustration was the way I released my emotions. The strong feelings of being freed by my own body, as I was allowing myself to be taken by the music made me so happy. I have not felt like that in ages and this renewed feeling is one I want to last for a while. Or as long as it can.Being on that stage at that moment; that precise moment of intensity, fire...the feel of being around N*E*R*D was a brilliant brillant feeling. A feeling that has not been felt in so many years and one that has awoken me and has put me on the road to a sense of recovery. To recover my spark. what makes me tick. Hugging Pharell was brilliant, seeing N*E*R*D was a dream, I will always thank Alia for it and boy I won't ever forget it. Not in a million fucking years.From the true N*E*R*D fan and lover of free soul and music.

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