Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Back to Black

Back to Black

Walks of roaming on her heart strings,Her footprints are matching the footprints of others.

Warmth of fur, like a polar bear, Sitting in front of a wooden fire.Her natural gold of reliability is a con for her.

She may or may not love you but she'll help you anyway,then she'll go back to black.

The shawdows will await her once more,once the one she helps returns back to their light.Then, she, walks back to the black.

The cold pavement fills her soul and wells up her eyes.

Eternal heartbreak will be her demise and resentment is starting to pull at her earlobes, The whispers are shamful.Stone cold leather boots take a step.

A gloomy glaze of deadness has washed over her eyes and her skin is tight with cracks of neglect.Her fantasy of a bond crashed and collasped on her head.The happiness of her dreams has been quashed.

Back to black she goes, the souls of the dark accompany her.
They watch her and she,
hmm, she relunctantly walks with them.

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