Tuesday, 10 February 2009

For the sake of my sakes...A truthful piece of me

For the sake of my sakes...A truthful piece of me

The body of my soul is light like goose feathers.
My pony tail is at risk of thinning because it hates the chemicals that I cannot live without.
Crack cream? Get it! Crack cream....
Once more, my thoughts are circulating like the circle line, continously rounding up then down then up once more.
Hot chip is in my ears but I wanna hear kings of leon. Just for curiosity. I've never listened to them before.Oh now I hear it, now I hear their tune...How late am I? No trend setter for todays youth.
I'm 21 but feel more like 27...weird isn't it because I still feel immature!

Uni starts next week and am I bothered...in many senses...no.
Grateful as hell that I was allowed back but on skins on teeth? Fighting for something which maybe was never meant for me.
Am I a writer? NO!
I am a beggar of the pen, the paper and a amateur blogger.Am I an expressive person?...when I wanna be and when I feel comfortable.At times even my own peoples do not see the real me...

I show want I want and when I don't, I'll do an anti-social on your arse. Fuckery but deep down true. A potential prisoner of ones self.
Do I see myself as a lyricist? I would like to be, but me answering my own question may not produce the truthful answer.
Counting the days until the student rat race of module reading, lecture sleepings and once more looking for something to spark me up but not finding anything.The course which I do not enjoy anymore, because my love died and sunk as low as the remains of the titanic.
Back to work, back to class and the harsh ceiling lights which highlight your lack of sleep and vitamin k.Back to going cinema and watching the same shit.Back to wetherspoons and having the same chocolate fudge cake.Back to wishing that I would get another payrise.Back to wishing I never met some of the people that I did meet.Back to saying "Yeah I'm gonna go theater and eat sushi again and have my paul and sister coat". Yeah right.Back to walking past the local African grocery shops when I go to see my mum.Back to that life....Back to my aspirations and what I want because I refuse the life of mistakes...even though I'm dangerously close to it.Back to hanging out......Back to attempted budgeting.

Back to my life and the innocent glances that I secretly look on with other people's lives.
Back to my life. The tall trees that animals shit on, the 242 bustop and the tesco express (I swear they are coming everywhere...are tesco wanting more money out of us? Duh!)
Any who, The rambling is over. Toodles.

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